Can I send my master box to different addresses?

👥 The account user does not have to be the same person as the recipient of the harvest. Hence, for example in the case of giving an adoption as a gift, it is possible to deliver the harvest of the adopted unit to another shipment address of your choice.

For a project with a single shipment in a season (e.g. the adoption of an olive tree, a rice paddy, coffee field, etc.) you may have the harvest send to another shipment address of the person that would like to give the gift to. Please note that it is not possible to give the harvest of a single adoption to several different people as you cannot divide the harvest. Therefore, you will have to make several adoptions and organize shipment of the harvest to the designated recipients. You will be able to fill in the delivery address of the harvest in the adoption process.

In projects with multiple shipments in a season (e.g. the adoption of orange, lemon, pomegranate trees, etc.) you may reserve several harvest boxes from a single adoption. You will only pay the price of the adoption of your productive unit in the adoption process. Afterwards you will be asked to plan the shipment of your reserved harvest via your CrowdFarming user account. You may then determine the delivery address(es) and pay the logistics cost per placed order (=planned delivery). The logistics costs may differ from one delivery country to another.

⚠️ Attention! Please bear in mind that the harvest of ONE order can only be sent to ONE shipment address. Hence, you will NOT be able to place one order for several boxes of oranges and send each box to another address.

Please also note that the order confirmation with the receipt and all other communication regarding the order will be sent to the email address of the registered user.

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