August 2020 | Finca de Botella

Dear CrowdFarmer,

Unfortunately, our adoption project will not continue at CrowdFarming as we cannot ensure that our fruit will arrive in the best condition. We want your experience with our grapes to be a good one and to date, we have not been able to find an efficient and sustainable solution to ensure that your grapes arrive in good condition. Last year there were many boxes that did not arrive well and this meant considerable economic losses and wasted food that has cost a lot to produce. 

We tried some solutions during the season but until we are clear about the perfect shipping method we will not be comfortable offering our grapevines for adoption. We will work hard to achieve this and hopefully the next time we write to you it will be with good news.

Manuel Martínez Lledó

Another farmer also grows grapes and has started selling them directly. You can order his grapes here.

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