I would like to try the products before I adopt the plant or animal. Can you send me a sample?

Firstly, the idea of CrowdFarming is to produce on demand of our CrowdFarmers. We can measure this demand beforehand with the help of the adoptions made by them. Producing on demand avoids food waste, which is one of the most important objectives of the CrowdFarming philosophy. 🥕🗑️

Secondly, we strive to treat the environment with even more care by avoiding the packaging and transport of small amounts of products. 🚚 We have decided that sending a small bottle of olive oil or a piece of cheese all the way through Europe in order for potential CrowdFarmers to taste them is not worth the costs and impact it has on nature.

We suggest to share an adoption with family or friends and try the products this way.

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