Can I customize my harvest?

The CrowdFarming model allows production on demand. With the adoption of an animal, tree, etc., farmers know in advance the quantity to produce and how much to harvest. In order to avoid food waste and to optimize logistical efficiency, farmers ship your harvest in a standard box and therefore can use the same format for all their CrowdFarmers. While the farmers are preparing the season, we evaluate the potential formats with them, but they always take the final decision according to their convenience and necessities. Some farmers have various projects with different products that you can see here

As of today, it isn’t possible to customize the harvest, quantity or type of product included in the box. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to offer it in the future, and we invite you to share your ideas with us by sending an email at  Keep calm and crowdfarm the world! 🌱🌍

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