Surplus harvest

What is surplus harvest?

The surplus harvest is the amount of harvest the farmer was able gather excessing the previously predicted harvest. Due to meteorology, there are times when the actual harvest quantities are higher (or lower) than what was predicted by the farmers beforehand. If a farmer has surplus harvest during one season, you will be able to place an order for boxes of this surplus.

How is it possible to have surplus harvest?

In some CrowdFarming projects you have the possibility to order an individual box. This also applies when you have already ordered all of the reserved harvest of your productive units. This surplus harvest is limited and originates from summarising two concepts:

  • Part of the harvest that hasn't been reserved by CrowdFarmers with productive units.
  • Surplus. In seasons with favourable climatic conditions the trees, plants and other productive units will produce a lot of harvest, which exceeds the usual predictions.

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