What do the different seals mean?

For each CrowdFarming project you will find a couple of seals in the section about the farmer towards the bottom of the page. They certify certain requirements fulfilled by the farmer, his cultivation, product characteristics etc. Learn more about each seal with the following descriptions:

  • NEW PLANTING: Thanks to your adoption, this farmer will plant a new tree. Until your tree has reached its full size and bears its own fruit, the farmer will reserve you the harvest of one of his fully grown ones, so you can already enjoy the fruits during the first season.
  • PESTICIDE - FREE: This farmer assures that he/she does not apply any pesticide treatments. In order to control the pests ils, traps and/or other natural means can be used. This farmer prefers his/her product to be of good quality from within rather than having the most beautiful one.
  • PERSONALIZED HARVEST: The products sent by this farmer are personalized with the name you have chosen. The magic of CrowdFarming is that farmers can cultivate directly on demand of the person who will consume his/her products. We think it is quite special to receive your products with the name you have chosen.
  • PLASTIC - FREE: The box you will receive with the products of this farmer is plastic-free. The CrowdFarming team encourages the farmers to use recycled and biodegradable materials to send their products. With CrowdFarming, we not only prevent food waste but also over-packaging of products with plastic materials.
  • ORGANIC: This Farmer meets the European regulation for organic production. Organic production follows nature’s systems and cycles. Production processes and land usage must ensure environmental sustainability without making use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: This farmer invested in installing equipments for producing and using renewable energy which is then employed in his/her production activity. CrowdFarming seeks a way of production which makes an optimal use of natural resources available in the surrounding.
  • YOUNG FARMER: This farmer is a millennial. More than two thousand years ago, Marcus Tullius Cicero said “Agriculture is the profession of the wise person, the most adapted to the modest one and the worthiest occupation for every freeman”. Had he lived these days, he would maybe have said “CrowdFarming is the profession of the wise person, the most adapted to the modest one and the worthiest occupation for any millennial”.
  • SMALL FARMER: The persons in charge of this CrowdFarming can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Thanks to CrowdFarming you can contact small farmers, discover their products and get to know their fascinating history.
  • FAMILY FARMER: At least two members of the same family are involved in the day-to-day work and lead for this CrowdFarming.
  • VISITORS WELCOME: This farmer welcomes visits from CrowdFarmers for free. By being a CrowdFarmer you will be able to visit and personally get to know those who stand behind this CrowdFarming project.

IMPORTANT: In order to plan your visit in advance, we kindly ask you to write to this email hello@crowdfarming.com. Please bear in mind that the farm is usually not open to the public and that the farmer has to prepare a couple of things before attending your visit.

NOTE: The farmers have until 1 year from the moment of the adoption until they assign the chosen name to your adopted unit.

  • OTHER ANALYSIS: When putting this seal, this farmer provides an analysis or analyses available for downloading.

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