What do I need to consider when visiting my adopted unit?

👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 The Farmer will be happy to receive you on their fields or farm! We can say from experience that meeting the Farmer and seeing his daily work makes a big impression and may change the way you think about your adoption and appreciate it. We hope you will agree with us! 💚

🤳 Please, announce your visit at least one week in advance by writing us an email. We would like to confirm the date and hour with the Farmers, who spend the biggest part of their day outside on the field or in the stables and would like to prepare for your visit.

Before visiting, please bear in mind that in most cases the agricultural premises were not created with visitors in mind. For this reason, all terrains may NOT be apt for walking nor adapted to the needs of the handicapped. Please be sure to:

  • 👟Wear sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing.
  • 👓 Bring protective clothing, eyewear and sunscreen (Many of our Farmers are lucky to be situated in warmer regions with a lot of sunlight).
  • 💧Bring your own beverages and consider a toilet stop on your way to the premises, as we cannot guarantee that there will be access to these things on the fields/farm

Further details on how to get to the fields or farm and what to consider will be outlined (e.g. allergy advice) in a pdf we will send you by email before your visit. This document also serves as confirmation for the date and time of your visit.

For any further questions, please contact us anytime!

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