Are all the products organic?

Even though one of our goals is to spread the idea of organic cultivation, not all of the Farmers produce organically yet. There are a couple that are in transition between conventional and organic farming and it takes time for the fields to recover from previous agricultural practices. At the bottom of each Farmer page, you will find seals with different significations telling you more about cultivation practices.

Some small Farmers would like to convert to organic cultivation but are afraid of losing production capacity and high bureaucratic costs by switching to organic cultivation. Thanks to CrowdFarming, they are confident to make the change, because they can be sure that their effort will be rewarded. For this reason, we don’t want to close the doors to Farmers who don’t have the organic seal. The majority of our Farmers acknowledge the importance of ecological cultivation and have pledged to work towards it and offer it in the next season. 🌱