Certifications of the farmers, are all of them organic?

Aligning the objectives of farmers and CrowdFarmers creating a direct sales channel means something incredible to society: we, the consumers (in CrowdFarming we call ourselves CrowdFarmers) want (need) to know the truth about how the food we consume is cultivated and produced. We were already aware of this before creating this supply chain. What we have found out by getting to know the real stories and difficulties faced by many farmers is that they also would like and prefer to cultivate organically but that they are afraid to take a step further because they are faced with an increase in production costs and bureaucracy without a guarantee for sales. A big part of this fear disappears when we allow them direct sale with a guaranteed cover for costs for organic production thanks to the adoption model.

One of our key objectives is to promote the techniques of Organic Farming. Not all of our farmers hold the certificate and not all of them currently produce organically (although the majority does so). It’s precisely the security of sales that CrowdFarming offers which leads many of the farmers to take the step that they didn’t dare to take before out of fear that no one will buy their “ugly” fruit or a product with imperfections. Finally on each farmer page you will find seals with different meanings which offer you more details about the cultivation practices. In this article we explain our criteria to invite farmers to join CrowdFarming.

Validity of the seals and certificates

Depending on the country where the farmers are located they may have different access to certificates and seals. CrowdFarming tries to ensure that the information provided by the farmers is verified by recognized organizations.

Some seals like “Plastic-free” and “Young farmer” are seals granted by us because we consider this information relevant. If you have an idea about a seals that we could create, we are all ears!

Harvest analyses

The farmers may publish harvest analyses done by organizations or accredited laboratories to certify their agricultural practices. You can find these analyses by clicking on the seals on their respective farmer page. 🌱

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