Which payment methods do you offer?

You can pay with any credit or debit card and in some countries it is possible to pay by direct debit (SEPA). 💳

In CrowdFarming there are no automatic charges. For any order it is necessary that you actively make a payment.

And now you may wonder...

Why don’t you offer any other payment methods like bank-transfer or Paypal?

Here is the answer: CrowdFarming is a channel where you buy and pay the Farmer directly. The payment methods we offer allow us to make sure that the Farmer receives the price he determined for the adoption and that you can regain it reliably, should there be any problem.

Please also keep in mind that there are many Farmers, that don't have a PayPal account and bank transfers are not a good alternative to manage incoming payments and possible reimbursements efficiently.

What security does CrowdFarming offer?

Neither the Farmer nor CrowdFarming can access the payment details you put in, when you make a payment. They are directly transferred to the payment platform Stripe, which garanties a high security standard certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. In other words: if anything doesn't work out, you will get your money back without any problem. So please don't worry. 😴

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