As you probably already know or have read in this article there are adoptions where you can reserve more than one box; there are adoptions with only one delivery and there are individual boxes from surplus harvest. For example, when you adopt an orange tree, you pay the adoption price (maintenance depending on the harvest you reserve) first, and then the logistics costs depending on the country of destination.

The CrowdFarming model focuses on harvesting food on demand which allows Farmers to plan their crops and predict demand. 

As is often the case with plans, sometimes everything turns out different in the end. The harvest may be smaller or end earlier than expected. Or you may not be able to order all the boxes you reserved at the beginning.

In this case, you will receive an automatic refund for the reserved but not received harvest. Usually you will be reimbursed first for the logistical costs of a box already planned and then (this may take a few weeks) for the proportional costs of the adoption (always return to the payment method used to make the purchase). For each refund, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions about a refund, please get in touch with us through the contact channels.

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