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As you probably already know, or have read in this article, there are different ways to order through CrowdFarming. There are adoptions where you can reserve multiple boxes, there are adoptions with only one delivery per season, and there are individual boxes from surplus harvest. For example, when you adopt an orange tree, you pay the adoption price first of all (the maintenance cost, which varies depending on the amount of harvest you reserve), and then the logistics costs later, which depend on the delivery country.

The CrowdFarming model focuses on harvesting food on demand, which allows farmers to plan their harvests and predict demand. 

As is often the case with plans, sometimes thing turns out differently than expected. The harvest may be smaller or end earlier than expected, or you may not be able to order all the boxes you reserved at the beginning of the season for another reason.

For any reserved harvest that you are unable to receive from your adoption, we offer credit that you can use for your next purchase from any available project. You can view your credit in the "Payment methods" section of your user account. You can use it as and when you like, so you can either support the same farmer again or place an order for another project that you would like to try.

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