What is included in the final price?

There is a lot of concern of whether the money and trust you put into your adoption with CrowdFarming ends up with the “right” people, which is why we want to dedicate the following paragraph outlining the different costs and who gets what! 💸

The final price is comprised of two parts.

First, there are the adoption costs. They are set by the Farmer. Ultimately, he/she has the best overview over the expenses and fees that go into cultivating and/or producing the harvest of the adopted units. By deciding on the adoption price, we trust that this Farmer calculates the best possible price that not only compensates the costs, but at the same time ensures good cultivation and labour conditions.

The second part are the costs for preparing and transporting the harvest to your doorstep. This includes all logistics and administrative costs, taxes at destination (if applicable) and the transport costs to the final shipment destination you choose in the adoption or order process.

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