Economic transparency

Behind each CrowdFarming project there is a Farmer or a group of them making it possible. It’s the Faremers who determine the adoption price and sale of their harvests.

Thanks to the people who adopt, the Farmers produce knowing the final selling price of their harvests (adoption price). This, of course, offers them the security and motivation to get up each morning to work with much anticipation. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?
“And how do those who work in CrowdFarming live?”

We make a living designing and implementing efficient logistics. Every day we ask ourselves how to get the products to each household in the most efficient, green manner, in as little time as possible. The Farmer sells to CrowdFarmer and later pays us the logistics costs.

CrowdFarming is the first agricultural logistics company and our way of earning money is by moving packages in the most efficient manner possible. Looking at the future, we trust that more and more people will buy directly from the Farmers. The more the Farmers sell, the better it is for us because with a higher volume, we save transportation costs.

“Do CrowdFarming decide the final price?”

No. The Farmer gives the price and the web page adds up selling costs and logistics costs. The Farmer receives the price he has decided and will not be charged any commission.

“Yes, but how much money does each project make?”

In some cultures it’s considered impolite to ask about money, but don’t worry! We don’t mind. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a certain number or percentage, if that’s what you are asking for. Our margin depends on how efficiently we work with each transport provider and on how many boxes we can transport at the same time. If the Farmer only sells one tree adoption, we will lose money (sometimes this happens). However, if the FARMER gets to sell 1,000 tree adoptions...Hip Hip Hurray! The Farmer is happy, the consumers (CrowdFarmers) are happy and we are as well, because we can divide our fixed shipment costs evenly by 1,000 boxes while getting to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Note: Now that we have revealed our secret to you, don’t you dare copy us! 😉 We are all in! If we don’t achieve to change the food supply chain and grow CrowdFarming, we have to look for another job.

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