Netiquette - The CrowdFarming etiquette

On social networks, we report on our new projects, give you an insight into the work of the farmers, inform you about harvest periods, share photos with you and much more. 

We welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions. We appreciate critics šŸ§” , but not haters. We value the fact that everyone can express themselves freely and we enjoy exchanging and discussing. This is exactly what we need to shape CrowdFarming for you. 

When commenting please keep in mind that you are dealing with real people. Even though most farmers may not speak your language, they see your comments and take them to heart. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

A few tips for writing a comment

  • Refer to the topic you are commenting on
  • Stay objective and polite - insulting or offensive comments have no place here and will be deleted
  • Don't provoke - even if you don't like the comment of another person or you disagree
  • Gestures and facial expressions are missing in the internet, so sometimes it helps to use an emoji to prevent misunderstandings 
  • Links to other websites are deleted, as these lead to confusion and we cannot check their contents
  • Avoid publishing private information, Facebook and Instagram are not secure data management or publishing platforms. Instead use our direct communication channels to get help from us quickly and reliably.
  • Trolls, Hater, Bots are not welcome and will be blocked

If you do not follow these guidelines, we may delete your comment and block you if necessary. 

Mistakes and misunderstandings are human and can also happen to our administrators. Please understand and do not hesitate to contact us directly in these cases.

Being nice to each other is actually quite simple. So let's try it together! :)

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