Is it possible to change the name after my adoption?

The Farmers start attaching the name plaques to the trees or plants once they have finished the first harvest season. 🌳🍇This leaves you time to change the name of your tree if you want to. It’s not yet possible to change the name in your user account but we are working hard to offer it as soon as possible. Until then, our support team is happy to change the name for you. Just give write us an email and we will take care of it.

In the case that the tree or plant already has a name plaque attached, you will be able to decide between changing only the virtual name of your adopted unit displayed in your user account or the actual name plaque attached to the unit. In case you chose the latter, we ask you to pay a small fee so we can create a new metal name plaque inscribed with the new name you chose and send it to the Farmer so he/she can look for the unit and swap the plaque.

🐮🐑 There are 2 scenarios where you cannot give a name to your adoption:

  • When you participate in the adoption of a productive unit with more people, the names are usually given beforehand.
  • In case you adopt an animal that already has a name given by the Farmer you will not be able to change the name. Why? It is very difficult to convince animals that its name has changed from one day to another.😉

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