When can I renew my adoption?

Once your adoption has been confirmed, it will appear in your Garden. Here you can view the details of the adoption and also choose the type of renewal you prefer: manual or automatic. By default the renewal is automatic, this ensures that you enjoy the products from season to season without worrying about the maximum renewal date 🌱

By selecting automatic renewal, when the automatic renewal date approaches you will receive an email from us informing you that the renewal will be made on a specific date. The charge will be made to the payment method registered on your CrowdFarming account. If you do not take action at that time, your adoption will be automatically renewed 🧑🌾

By selecting manual renewal, after receiving your harvest or after the end of the season, you will receive emails from us so that you can renew your adoption from the Garden page in your user account. This can sometimes take a few weeks/months (e.g. with orange trees) while we discuss with the farmer what changes or improvements need to be made. It may take some time before these changes are visible on the project page, so please be patient. 😊

If your adoption is automatically renewed but you don't want to continue with it, you can still cancel it as long as the status is Planned and the harvest hasn’t yet been prepared. This is further explained here.

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