Will I receive the harvest of my own adoption?

It’s rather unlikely 🤨. We will never say “never”, but in the majority of the projects the farmers cannot assure you that the harvest will be exactly from your own adopted unit. Logistically speaking this would be extremely difficult and would incur unnecessary and moreover unfair risks. What happens if in one season your adoption produces less than others? Or in case it dies? What’s appealing about an adoption is that the farmer will block part of his general harvest for you. Sharing the harvest of all adoptions, all cultivated/raised/produced under the same philosophy, enables the Farmers to offer a secure harvest.

While explaining this aspect it is also important for you to know that…

...your adoption will bear the name that you chose during the purchase process.

...each season you will receive a picture of your adoption which you can view from your user account.

...if you don’t receive your harvest CrowdFarming will reimburse the amount of the adoption.

The magic of CrowdFarming is that thanks to the adoptions a direct and transparent link is created between producers (farmers) and consumers (CrowdFarmers)..

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