Glossary CrowdFarming®

We define the food supply chain as a sequence of processes that occur over the course of the life cycle of a product: from the moment it is cultivated until the moment a person consumes this product.

CrowdFarming® was born in Valencia, in the garden of a couple of young orange farmers that didn't agree with the lack of transparency of the traditional food supply chain and the low prices they received for their harvests. Disagreeing with this model and on the verge of throwing in the towel, they decided to create their own food supply chain, putting on the table the only two players necessary to bring this chain into existence: the producer and the consumer.

Creating a new supply chain also requires naming and defining the actors that interact in it. Here we define the new terms, so you can familiarize yourself with them:

  • FARMER: this is the farmer, beekeeper, livestock breeder, herder or fisher that cultivates or produces a product. They are the people or a group of people that stand at the very beginning of the food supply chain. In general, they are good and honest people that get up early in the morning.😉
  • CROWDFARMER: replaces the word "consumer". How ugly is this term "consumer"! Treating the protagonists of any chain as simple "consumers" of a product. The CrowdFarmer within the supply chain of CrowdFarming is the person for whom the farmer can develop his activity and produce guaranteeing a fair price. In this new chain a direct link is created between the one who produces and the one who receives the food. This link can be translated into mutual commitment: the farmer produces knowing that someone waits for his harvest, and the CrowdFarmer enjoys the product knowing where it comes from and by whom and how it was produced.
  • PRODUCTIVE UNIT (UP): this is what you adopt from the farmer. It may be a tree, an animal or a part of a garden where your food is grown. There are productive units that can be adopted individually (you adopt the entire productive unit) and other units where you adopt only a part (you share this productive unit with other CrowdFarmers). In the first case the farmer usually allows you to choose a name for the productive unit you adopt.
  • MASTER BOX (MB): this is the box (or boxes) with products you receive from the farmer to the shipment address you indicate at the moment you adopt. In CrowdFarming all farmers offer a guarantee of reimbursing the money of the adoption if for any reason they cannot send you the product.
  • SEASON: this indicates the duration of the productive cycle and the harvest of the productive units. Examples:
    • Example of more than one MASTER BOXES per season: an orange tree of the "Navel" variety is harvested once a year and the harvest period can last up to four months. Adopting an orange tree, you can reserve various MASTER BOXES per season and receive them in the course of this harvest period.
    • Example of one MASTER BOX per season: an "Arbequino" olive tree is harvested once a year and at one point in time. Adopting an olive tree, you will receive a single MASTER BOX per year with containers of your olive oil.

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