How can I pause my subscription?

Updated 1 week ago by CrowdFarming

If you should find that you would like to temporarily pause your monthly subscription box. Sadly, we do not have a pause button quite yet. Nevertheless, you can make a few modifications at your leisure.

All upcoming monthly boxes will appear in your account 4 days before shipping. This is when you will be able to make a few changes through your account.

  • Log into your CrowdFarming Portal. There you can find subscriptions by hovering the mouse over “My Account”.
  • Click “Monthly Subscriptions”

When inside your subscription, you will see when you will be able to make modifications to your upcoming box.

Since we do not have an official pause button, you can simply modify or cancel your next individual delivery for the month until you are ready to resume deliveries. Please note that by clicking “Unsubscribe”, this will indicate that you wish to cancel your subscription altogether and agree to no longer receive monthly orders in the future. Do not select this option unless you do not wish to keep your subscription.

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