I would like to give an adoption as a gift to someone else

🎁  Offering an adoption to someone is a great and original gift. Now you can purchase an adoption from your own account and send it as a gift to one of your loved ones. They will receive an email with an offer to accept the adoption, and once they have accepted the gift, the adoption will show in their user account.

These are the steps to buy an adoption as a gift:

  1. Choose the adoption from our Farmers market and tick the “It’s a gift” box. You can do this both when adding the adoption to your basket, or from the basket overview before moving on to the payment step.
  2. When ticking the “It’s a gift” box, the phrase “Set it up” will show. Click on the phrase. This opens up a pop-up window.
  3. Set up the gift by filling in the recipient's name and email address, and add a message for the recipient if you want to. Then you can choose if you want the gift email to be sent to the recipient today or on another date. You have to check the box to authorise CrowdFarming to send the email to the recipient. Then click on “Save”, this will close the pop-up window again.
  4. Click on “Complete order” in the square on the right hand side
  5. Confirm the shipping address. Please note that it will automatically propose your own address by default. A message will show that informs that the recipient of the gift will be able to change the delivery address from his or her own user account when they have accepted the gift.
  6. Click on “Continue
  7. This brings you to the payment step. Choose your payment method and click on “Pay”.
  8. This will complete your order and you will see an overview of your order. Now it’s just to wait for the recipient to accept the gift!

Please note: 

  • The person giving the adoption will be able to see and manage the gift in their “Order” section in their user account, where it will show with a small package icon.
  • The recipient will receive the email with the gift on the chosen date. The happy giftee will then have 15 days to accept it. Once they have accepted the gift it will show in their Garden in their user account. If the gift is not accepted within the time limit it will be cancelled. 
  • If the recipient were to cancel the adoption after accepting it, he or she will be reimbursed in the form of credits on their user account.
  • For adoptions with more than one box, the shipment of the boxes can be scheduled on pre-set dates, but the recipient will be able to modify the dates and shipping address from their user account.

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