What payments are involved in an adoption?

Depending on the type of product, its season and the time needed for the farmer to prepare the order, each project may have one or various delivery dates. Depending on the quantity of boxes reserved, you may need to make a single payment or several. 

Here are 3 examples that cover all the possibilities:

An olive tree adoption tends to have a single delivery date. Once the olives are harvested, farmers produce the extra virgin olive oil and prepare all the orders to ship them as soon as possible so that you receive a fresh product. For these adoptions, a single shipment is made. Therefore, the adoption and the shipment are paid in a unique payment. The final price includes delivery.. 

With an orange tree adoption, you would start with choosing the quantity of harvest you wish to receive from your tree. The next step would be to decide the dates and addresses for the delivery. Because of this, for this type of adoption you would firstly pay the adoption cost and, later on, the logistics costs according to the delivery location. 

Some farmers offer the option to buy a single box. This tends to be the years of very good harvest, which allows them to sell the surplus to those who did not adopt a tree. In this case, the price includes the cost of the product as well as the logistics costs.

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