Which transport company will deliver my order?

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An efficient transport service is essential for the success of  direct sales from producer to consumers. The food can be of great quality, but if it is delivered in poor condition, it can ruin the experience. 

If we, as consumers, want a freshly picked fruit, a traditionally handmade cheese or an extra virgin olive oil straight from the oil mill, we must remember that mother nature sets the rhythm, and we must exercise patience. Rain and other climatic conditions may delay the ripening or harvest, so at CrowdFarming we always talk about approximate delivery dates.

Once the farmer has sent your package and it is scanned in the destination country, you can view it with the tracking number that can be found in your account under "Orders". You will also receive an email with this number (check your spam folder 😉 ) 

Note: In some cases, the tracking number may not be available or updated on the carrier’s website. From the time the package is sent off by the farmer until it arrives at the distribution center responsible for the delivery, the package might not be scanned, but this does not mean that it is lost or will arrive late.

List of carriers and links to locate your order:

Transport company

Tracking website


Track your parcel

Deutsche Post

Track your parcel


Track your parcel

Österreichische Post

Track your parcel

Parcel Force

Track your parcel


Track your parcel

Colis Privé

Track your parcel

If you have not yet received your order a few days after the approximate delivery date, or if you have difficulty in tracking your order on the carrier's website, please contact us with your order number.

We will review the delivery status of your package with the carrier and find a solution.

We are constantly thinking about new solutions to make our transport even faster and more efficient, while keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. We determine some delivery dates and group all orders together so that we can ship everything in one day. This way, we can guarantee that the truck leaves the farm fully loaded (and that we do not transport empty space). 🚚 Products imported from countries outside Europe are normally transported by air or sea. ✈️🚢

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