Which address appears as the sender?

All of the products come straight from the source. They are scanned for the first time in the logistics center of the shipment company during transport or in the destination country.

If, for any reason, the person that should receive the shipment is not at home at the moment of delivery or the delivery is impossible, we don’t want the products to be transported back to the farmer. This would have an enormous environmental impact. Especially with perishable products we wouldn’t be capable to “reuse” them since they would probably spoil before that. Therefore, we write the address of a logistics warehouse on the shipment label in order for the shipment company not having to send the box back to the farmer and prevent wasting the products. Once the packet arrives at the logistics warehouse we have three options of what to do:

  1. Donate fresh products to a food bank
  2. Re-send the packet to a new address
  3. If they are non-perishable products, we can accumulate them until we have enough packets to organize their return to the farmers.

This process is called inverse logistics and organizing it this way ensures two main values of CrowdFarming: a reduced carbon footprint and zero food waste.🗑️

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