Where is my parcel?

Once the farmer has shipped your package and it is scanned in the destination country, you will receive an email with the tracking number from the transport company (please check your spam folder as well). 

You may also find the tracking number in your user account.

  • Log in to CrowdFarming
  • Go to “My account” 
  • Go to “Orders” 
  • Click on the order in question.
  • Under “Shipping information”, you will see the tracking number and the estimated delivery date for your order. 

Your order may sometimes show as "in preparation" in your user account. Also, when you look up your tracking number it may say "shipment has been pre-registered in the system, awaiting drop-off". This does not mean that your package has been shipped, but that the shipping label has been generated, sent over to the farmer and printed in order to be sticked on your box. At this point, the package has not yet been picked up by the carrier. Please be patient; once the package is with the carrier, it will soon be reflected on the tracking history.

If a few days have passed the approximate delivery date and you still haven’t received your order, or if you are having any difficulty tracking it on the carrier’s web page, please contact us and kindly reference your order number.

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