Invoicing of Farmers

In CrowdFarming its the Farmers themselves, who put the prices for and sell the adoption of their PRODUCTIVE UNITS. This depends mostly on whether the fiscal legislation of the countries origin and destination allows for the Farmers to issue invoices for the CrowdFarmers.

When is the invoice issued? At the moment of the adoption you will get a receipt with the details of the purchase. In general the invoice is issued by the Farmers at the moment the MASTER BOX is shipped. This way we want to avoid possible problems that may occur during import or export of the products.

How can an invoice be modified? This will depend on each Farmer. Through CrowdFarming simplified invoices are issued automatically. If, for example you are a company with seat in the European Union and the Farmer as well, it may be interesting to modify the VAT. Please bear in mind that the Farmers may not be registered in the ROI (Intra-Community Operators Registry) and hence may not be able to issue an invoice without the VAT. Moreover, the tax rate of the adoptions of the PRODUCTIVE UNITS may vary depending on where it is situated.

Finally, we know that this topic can be a bit tedious. For many Farmers CrowdFarming is a channel that for the first time allows them to directly get in touch with the consumers. We ask for your patience in the name of the Farmers. They are not responsable for how complicated it may be to issue a simple document.

CrowdFarming as a platform is not responsible of modifying invoices issued by the Farmers.