How do I adopt?

To adopt a plant or an animal with CrowdFarming, you’ll need to create a user account.

Please click on the leaf icon in the upper left corner of the website page.

Scroll down to see our list of current Farmers and their adoptable units.

When you have decided for a certain CrowdFarming project and would like to adopt, please click on “See project” and follow these steps:

  1. On the project page click on “Adopt”.

  1. Choose and enter a name for your production unit OR select an already named unit (e.g. sheep) by ticking the box, review the shipping country and click on “Adopt” and then “Process Order”.

  1. Make sure you have chosen the correct country of delivery and review the information about costs before clicking on “Next”. You can also delete the order from your shopping cart by clicking on “Delete” and add more adoption by clicking on “Continue shopping”.
  2. Please follow the steps in a) if already logged in or b) if not logged in.
    1. If you are already logged in, choose a registered shipping address or add another address (1). You can also add a delivery instruction for the carrier (2). You can review the details on the summary on the right before clicking on “Continue” (4). Add or select a payment method already registered and click on “Pay” to confirm your order.

    1. If you are not logged in, enter your email address (1) then if you already have an account please click on “Log In” (2) OR if you do not have an account yet, please fill in the fields regarding the shipping address and add the payment method (3) before clicking on “Continue” (this will not confirm the payment yet).

Choose a password to create your user account and click on “Pay” to confirm your order.

  1. If everything went well, you will receive a confirmation of your adoption on the screen and via email. You will also see your adopted unit in the section “My Garden” of your user account and your order summary in the section “My orders”.

👏 Congratulations, you are now a true CrowdFarmer! 👏

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