How do I adopt?

To adopt a plant or an animal with CrowdFarming, it is important that you create a user account. Once you created the account, please click on the menu “Farmers” in the upper left corner of our website, to see our list of current Farmers and their adoptable units. When you have decided for a certain CrowdFarming project and would like to adopt, please follow these steps:

  1. On the product page scroll down to where it shows you a big picture of the adopted unit.
  2. In the field below choose a name for the adopted unit (e.g. coffee plants) OR select an already named unit from the list of available units (e.g. sheep).

  3. Review the information about costs in the boxes below the picture and make sure you have chosen the correct country of delivery.
  4. Click on “Adopt” and a the “Shopping cart” window will open summarizing the adoption.
  5. You can delete the adoption from your shopping cart, by clicking on the small symbol of the bin in the upper right corner. You may also change the country of delivery.
  6. If you want to adopt more, please choose “Meet Farmers” to continue shopping.
  7. If this is all for now, please click “Pay”.
  8. Fill in your address details or choose your address, If you have already registered it.

  9. Finally you will see an order summary. Please enter your payment details or choose from the payment methods you have already registered and click “Pay”.
  10. If everything went well, you will receive a confirmation of your adoption on the screen and via email. You will also see your adopted unit in the section “My Garden”.

👏 Congratulations, you are now a true CrowdFarmer! 👏