Plan your shipments

In CrowdFarming, you can find projects whereby you receive a single shipment for your adoption, or projects where you can receive the harvest in several deliveries. This difference usually depends on whether the Farmer’s products mature all at once or gradually.

Projects with one shipment

At the time of adoption or renewal, you must indicate the shipping address of the box with the products. Depending on the shipping country you choose, the price of the adoption may vary. In these cases you will not need to do anything else to receive your box. When the FARMER has collected the harvest, you will receive your shipment at the address you have indicated. The approximate shipping date can be seen at the time of placing the order. We say approximate because the weather conditions can move forward or delay the harvest time and shipment.

Projects with multiple shipments

When, for example, you adopt a fruit tree, the Farmer may offer you the possibility to reserve all or only part of the harvest of your tree. At the time of the adoption, you decide how many boxes you want to reserve and you only pay for the produce, not for the shipments. From your private area, you can plan the shipments of the reserved boxes to the address of your choosing.

The Farmer will reserve the boxes that you ordered until the end of the season but if you do not consume them, you will not have to refund the adoption money. We recommend you plan your shipments as soon as you adopt or renew your productive unit. This way the Farmer can organize the collection and you will not lose the harvest that you reserved.

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