How do I plan my shipments?

As explained in the article “Adoption as a model for buying food to avoid wasting it”, we propose two different types of adoptions.

For adoptions including one single shipment, you do not need to plan anything since for this type of project we offer a single delivery date that has been coordinated with the farmer. 

For adoptions that include several deliveries,  you will need to plan your shipments following these steps:

  • Go to CrowdFarming
  • Click on “My Account” 
  • Click on “Garden” where you will see all your adoptions 
  • Click on the project in question
  • Click on “Plan new shipment
  • Choose the number of boxes that you wish to order
  • Choose the delivery date on the calendar that will appear
  • Choose the delivery address
  • Choose the payment method
  • Click on pay

You will then receive an email confirming the payment with all the order details.  

In these articles, you can find information about how to change the delivery date or address of an order that is already planned.

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