What can I do when I’m not satisfied with the harvest I receive?

One of the shortcomings of direct selling is that for most farmers sending their products directly to you, is a completely new experience. Choosing the right packaging, finding the best way to pack the products, or in what state of ripeness to send them are new challenges for the farmers. 

If you are not satisfied with the harvest you have received, you can open a claim through your CrowdFarmer account. We kindly ask for a formality that we have committed to do with the Farmers. In order for us to keep track, we cannot validate incidents that reach us by e-mail.

  • Access your crowdfarming.com account
  • Login to "My account"
  • Enter in "Orders" and select the corresponding order
  • Report the incident with the option "Report issue

This way the claim will reach the Farmer and we can solve it together.

Important note: remember that since we are dealing with personalized and/or perishable products you can only open a claim during the first 14 days from the moment you receive the order. It is required to add photos - please if you get your harvest in poor condition or incomplete, take a picture of the box and the product to better analyze the incident.

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